At a glance

The Global Pulse Confederation presents the third series of its ‘Ask The Experts Webinar Series’: The Kabuli Chickpeas Global Outlook session, featuring:

• Analyst Chuck Penner of LeftField Commodity Research (Canada)
• Panel moderator Navneet Singh Chhabra of Global Garbanzo (India)
• Deepak Rawat of Marina Commodities (Black Sea region)
• Joel Valenzuela of JOVA (Mexico)
• Ali Siddiqui of ACA Alliance (representing Canada and the U.S.)
• Andac Kolukisa of Natural Gida (Turkey)
• Rajat Sarda of Rajat Agro Commodities (India)
• Santiago Nevado Funes of Cono S.A. (Argentina)
The presentation by Chuck Penner of LeftField Commodity Research is available here.

3:48 Global kabuli chickpea market outlook by Chuck Penner from LeftField Commodity Research

22:47 Kabuli chickpea outlook: Mexico (Joel Valenzuela, JOVA)

30:57 Kabuli chickpea outlook: India (Rajat Sarda, Rajat Agro Commodities)

39:02 Kabuli chickpea outlook: USA and Canada (Ali Siddiqi, ACA Alliance)

47:02 Kabuli chickpea outlook: Turkey (Andac Kolukisa, Natual Gida)

53:53 Kabuli chickpea outlook: Argentina (Santiago Nevado Funes, CONO SA)

1:00:58 Kabuli chickpea outlook: Black sea region (Deepak Rawat, Marina Commodities)

1:12:30 Q&A session with attendees