At a glance

The first-ever GPC Ask the Experts Europe webinar will feature panels on key European pulse markets such as Spain, Italy, France, the UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Bulgaria and the Baltics. The GPC’s Ask the Experts Europe webinar is a must for those interested in getting the full picture on Europe’s pulse markets. The GPC virtual events attract key industry players from more than 50 countries and are open to GPC members only.

Preliminary Program:
(All times are GMT)

12.00: Networking Lounge and Exhibitor Booths open

Cindy Brown, President of the Global Pulse Confederation

13.05: Italy 
Moderator: Katia Sambin, Chippewa Valley Bean
Speakers: Angela Fabris, Fabris & Co / Antonio Borrelli, PEDON S.P.A. / Giovanna Sepe, La Doria SpA / Denis Xausa, CAXA SRL

14.10: Featured Speaker: Portugal 
Edgar Moita, Arbus Comercio Internacional, Lda
"Figures and Particularities of the Portuguese Marketplace"

14.30: UK 
Moderator: Michael Shuldham, Pulses UK
Speakers: James Maguire, Pulses UK / Andy Bury, Frontier Agriculture Ltd 

15.35: Featured Speaker: Poland 
Katarzyna Wieczorek, Vitalpol
"Poland Pulse Market Outlook"

16.00: Spain 
Moderator: Albert Garcia, Alons-Gar, S.L.
Analyst: José Manuel Álvarez, Asociación de Legumbristas de España
Speakers: Pedro Luengo, Legumbres Luengo S.A. / Santiago Blázquez, Santiago Blázquez S.L. / Pedro Álvarez, Legumbres, Pénelas S.L.

17.00: Featured Speaker: Baltics 
Jean Louis Lamau, JL Lamau sarl
"Baltics Pulse Market Outlook"

17.20: Featured Speaker: Added Value 
Arjan Geerlings, Herba Ingredients
"Pulse-based Ingredients for Food Innovations: Growing Opportunities in Europe"

17.40: Northern Europe 
Moderator/Analyst: Randy Duckworth, Global Pulse Confederation
Speakers: Alex Cherki, CIACAM Samson CherquiCor Hage, AGT Foods Europe B.V.

18.45: Closing & recognition of sponsors