Trade Talk

July 25, 2019

: An overview of the Central American dry bean trade with Susana Barboza

At a glance

During the Pulses 2019 Convention, Susana Barboza, Grain Purchasing Manager for Walmart Costa Rica, took the time to sit down with us and provide an overview of the Central American dry bean trade. One of the topics she discussed was Costa Rica’s shortfall quota. Earlier this month, Costa Rica’s CNP issued its recommendation for a duty-free shortfall quota of 2,199 MT of dry beans. Pending ministerial level approval, Costa Rican importers will be looking to import this volume from non-Central American origins.

1. Can you tell us about your company, your position there and how you got involved in the pulse industry? 0:08

2. What pulses do you consume in Central America, and which countries are the major importers/exporters? 0:28

3. How many dry beans does Costa Rica usually import? 1:00

4. Can you tell us about Costa Rica's shortfall quota and whether you think one will be issued this year? 1:12

5. When tariffs on U.S. beans are lowered to zero, how might that affect the bean trade into Costa Rica? 1:34

6. How do you see the future of China's exports to Costa Rica? 1:57

7. Costa Rica has a unique cooking test requirement for grading. How does it affect the industry? 2:17

8. How are beans consumed in Costa Rica? 2:46

9. What are the consumption trends in Central America overall? 3:11

10. How was your experience at the 2019 GPC Conference in Brazil? 3:34