Market Updates

Rahul Chauhan


At a glance

New Delhi. The Central Government has extended the time limit for free imports of urad (black matpe) and tuar (pigeon pea) by one year with a view to increase supply and availability in the domestic division and keep prices at a reasonable level. The period of free import was set to end on March 31, 2022 but the notification no. 63/2015-20 issued by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), a body under the Union Ministry of Commerce, dated March 29, 2022, states that the import of urad under ITC (HS) code 07133110 and Tuar under HS Code 07136000 will be in the 'free' category until March 31, 2023. Before this notification, imports with the Bill of Lading dated until March 31, 2022 were allowed to reach Indian ports by June 30 of the same year. 

The import extension is a precautionary step resulting from domestic production of both urad and pigeon pea showing signs of decreasing. Urad is mainly imported into India from Myanmar while tuar is imported from Myanmar and some African countries. With the extension of the free import period, the pressure on the prices of both pulses in the domestic division may increase for a short period.

The extension is a consequence of many meetings with concerned members and associations of the pulses industry, who were asking for long term policies and shows that the government is taking a serious attitude towards the pulses industry.