Trade Talk

July 12, 2019

: GPC Interview with Huseyin Arslan, GPC President (2015-19)

At a glance

Huseyin Arslan's presidency focused in two main areas: the sharing of synergy with global organizations and government agencies to raise awareness about the benefits of pulses for people and for the planet; and the providing of tools to enhance clarity and predictability in global trade. 

The outcome of this dual approach can be seen in three milestones: the declaration of World Pulses Day by the United Nations General Assembly in December, 2018; the Colombo Accord, which was signed by GPC National Associations during the 2018 GPC Conference; and the launch of the GPC Pulses Contract.

1: What are the major accomplishments of your presidency? 0:08

2: What did serving as GPC President mean to you personally? 3:56

3: What are the most important trends in the pulse industry today? 5:00

4: What are the biggest opportunities for the pulse industry today? 6:08

5: Can you elaborate in the growth on the use of pulse ingredients? 7:28

6: What are the biggest challenges facing the industry today? 9:03