Trade Talk

July 31, 2019

Global pulse industry leaders: An Interview with Harish Tahiliani of Arab India Spices

At a glance

Dubai-based Arab India Spices is one of the world’s largest suppliers of value-added pulses. Well known for its flagship 777 brand, the company runs 18 processing lines and offers a wide range of pulse products, including red lentils, green mung beans, pigeon peas, black matpe, desi chickpeas, yellow peas and many more.

During the Pulses 2019 convention in Rio de Janeiro, Managing Director Harish Tahiliani sat down with us to talk about how he transformed a small trading company into a global pulse industry leader, with annual pulse imports of 200,000 MT.

1: How did you get started with Arab India Spices LLC? 0:07

2: What pulses does Arab India Spices LLC deal with? 0:37

3: Tell us more about Arab India Spices LLC's operation. 0:59

4: What were the main challenges of growing the company? 1:36

5: Arab India Spices LLC invested USD95 million in a project launched in 2016. Can you tell us more about that? 2:13

6: What countries do you usually import pulses from? 2:35 7: What volume do you usually import? 3:11

8: Can you briefly describe pulse consumption patterns? 3:35

9: What type of machinery do you use? 3:54

10: What are the main advantages of operating out of Dubai? 4:34

11: What motivated you to join the GPC Conference in 2019? 4:52