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India – Southwestern Monsoon has stalled; rainfall 20% down on average

Indian Meteorological Department – Seasonal Rainfall Anomaly Map Jun 1-Jun 20

- A report in Reuters on June 17 showed that since June 1, India has received 20% less rainfall than normal from the southwestern monsoon. The India Meteorological Department (IMD) shows through its data collection that aside from a few of the southern states, all are seeing below average levels of rain

- The IMD reported that rain shortfall in "pulses-growing central India has risen to 29%" with an official from the governmental department stating: "The monsoon's progress is stalled. It has weakened. But when it revives and becomes active, it can erase the rain deficit in a short burst."

- A June 20 article in Reuters quotes senior weather officials from the IMD who say that India's monsoon is now advancing and will "cover central parts of the country in the next few days"

- Another official quoted in the article says: "It (the monsoon) was stuck after the covering most of Maharashtra, but by the weekend it will enter Madhya Pradesh”

Australia – South Australia gets much-needed showers

Australia Bureau of Meteorology – Rainfall Map for Week Ending June 19

- Rainfall has finally come to parched South Australian (SA) crop lands, with ABARES reporting that rains ‘between 5 and 50 mm were observed in SA, central New South Wales (NSW), Eastern and southern Western Australia and western parts of Victoria.’

- Rains are set to continue this week, with the Weekly Australian Climate, Water and Agricultural Update reporting "up to 25 mm of rain across southern parts of SA and NSW, Victoria and Tasmania"

Canada – Moisture conditions good, but warmer days needed; Manitoba have a wet week

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Accumulated Rain on Canadian Prairies June 12-19

- Karl Potts, Executive Director of Saskatchewan Pulse Growers, spoke positively of Saskatchewan's current crop conditions to MarketsFarm: "It’s certainly nice to see seeding going in with good moisture conditions in some areas of the province after years of drought conditions”

- Potts believes conditions are “ideal” in eastern Saskatchewan, whereas the south-west is still struggling with excess moisture. "I think what we need," continued Potts, "is a break in the rain cycle in some areas and some good warm 25-28°C days to get those crops moving." He added that they would also need "some timely rains" in July.

- In Manitoba, farmers are also hoping for warmer, drier weather, as’s Weekly Manitoba Crop Report says all areas of the province have “exceeded 100% of the normal rainfall, with many over 150%” over the last week without warm temperatures to accompany it.

- The north-western region of Manitoba appears to have taken the brunt of the heavy rains, with some crops showing “evidence of moisture stress” due to water saturation.

Russia and Ukraine – Scattered rains come to pulse growing regions

- Drought-stricken Eastern Ukraine and western/south-western Russia began to see more rain over the last week. Showers were scattered and inconsistent across eastern Ukraine, with rainfall between 6-33 mm, according to the USDA Weekly Weather and Crop Bulletin.

- Russia's Southern and North Caucasus Districts received between 5-110 mm and 10-60 mm of rainfall, respectively – good news for yellow pea and chickpea growth in the region.

- The USDA cautions that drought “is far from over with significant longer-term moisture deficits lingering.”



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