Pulses 22 in photos

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Pulses 22 in photos
Pulses 22 in photos
Pulses 22 in photos
Pulses 22 in photos

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The GPC’s Pulses 22 convention in Dubai, which took place on May 10-12, 2022, marked a triumphant return to in-person events.

Cindy Brown and Randy Duckworth on stage at Pulses 22

After such a long period of distancing, the joy of being together again was palpable as members of the pulses industry from across the globe found themselves once more standing in the same room.

Members agreed unanimously about how good it was to reconnect, catch up and make new connections:  

“We’re social animals; we need to meet. It’s great to restore old friendship and make new ones; get the business back on track. This is the start of more face-to-face meetings and better business,” said Peter Wilson of Wilson International.

“Pulses 22 was amazing! It’s so good to be back face-to-face with everyone,” agreed Arbaza’s Pietro Schisler.

Pietro Schisler, Randy Duckworth and Samuel Peck catch up after the Colored & Speckled Beans Panel.

The positive force of in-person connection was clear as, throughout the three-day convention, conversation flowed, introductions were made and ideas were discussed about how to do better business. 

Tala Mobayen in conversation at Pulses 22

The panels, which caused the convention room at the InterContinental Festival City to fill up with people eager to gain key insights on specific pulse markets, highlighted the many obstacles the industry is still facing. From the logistics crisis to the fertilizer shortage and falling bean acreages, there was plenty for members to discuss. Indubitably, some great innovations, partnerships and solutions will result from the event’many networking opportunities. 

The Red Lentils Panel

A bevvy of featured speakers graced the convention, from Bühler’s Alexandra Londrono to Premier Scott Moe of the Government of Saskatchewan, each one sharing ideas and insights into how to make the pulses industry more productive, sustainable and connected.

Bühler’s Alexandra Londrono gives her speech

With another GPC convention over for the moment, all that’s left it to look forward to Pulses 23 happening in Sydney in May 2023. Stay tuned for more information!

Pierfrancesco Sportelli opens the White & Fava Bean panel

Pulses 22 / Dubai

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