At a glance

Sunil Patwari of Seasons Overseas Group, Pulses 2020 Black Matpe, Pigeon Peas and Mung Beans panel moderator/analyst.

Is India really self-sufficient in pulses? In 2016/17, India’s pulse output hit 23 million MT. This was followed by production of 25 million MT in 2017/18. Encouraged by these massive harvests and the establishment of sizable pulse buffer stocks, the government declared it had achieved pulse self-sufficiency and began imposing quotas and tariffs on pulse imports. This caused the collapse of pulse markets at several origins, such as Myanmar and several nations of Africa. With the loss of their primary export destination, these origins began to shift away from pulses such as pigeon peas to other crops that promised a more reliable source of income.

But in 2019/20, India is facing runaway food inflation, caused in large part by climbing pulse prices resulting from a poor kharif crop. As we look ahead to 2020/21, the big question is: Will India open its market to pulse imports again? But perhaps the bigger question should be: Has pulse trade policy morphed from a food security matter to a political issue?   

To answer these questions and assess where we go from here, the GPC is thrilled to have Sunil Patwari, managing director of Singapore-based Seasons Overseas Group, serve in the dual role of analyst and moderator for this year’s Black Matpe, Pigeon Pea and Mung Bean Outlook panel. Sunil brings to the panel extensive expertise based on his 25 years of experience in commodity trading across five continents. He will be joined on stage by:

  • Vivek Agrawal of JLV Agro (representing India)
  • Alok Bhargava of Praramb Agri Trading (representing Africa)
  • Martin Lazara of Alisof S.A. (representing Argentina)
  • Kang Lingzhi of Agrich Bussan (representing China)
  • Shyam Narsaria of Arvee International (representing Myanmar)

Mark your calendar! The Black Matpe, Pigeon Pea and Mung Bean Outlook panel is tentatively scheduled for Friday, April 17 from 4:00 to 5:00 p.m.  Don’t miss it! Register now for Pulses 2020!