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At a glance

Tanzanian pigeon pea production has become increasingly important in recent years due to the rise in demand for the crop in India, where it is a common substitute for lentils. Exclusive Pulse Atlas data shows that pigeon pea production has trended consistently upwards since 2018. 

Pulse Atlas: Tanzanian numbers

  • Tanzania’s total production of pigeon peas increased from 160,000 MT in 2018 to 250,000 MT in 2023 – a 56% jump.
  • Between 2020-2022, 95% of Tanzania's production was exported to India with 3% heading to the UAE and the rest divided between Nepal, Kenya, and Belgium.

Insider insights

Zirack Andrew, National Coordinator of the Tanzanian Pulses Network

"This year we received really good prices for pigeon peas – around US$1000/MT, and our market intelligence shows that India will be expanding the market even further over the next year, so we predict even higher prices."

"I predict that pigeon pea acreage will grow by 50% up to around 350,000 ha, but the yield is likely to remain the same because that increased production depends on area expansion as opposed to intensive investment in improved seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides.”

"We’re expecting a bigger export quota (from India) for pigeon peas next year – between 300,000 MT and 400,000 MT"

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