Promoting Pulses at the UN Food Systems Summit

A message from GPC President Cindy Brown.

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Promoting Pulses at the UN Food Systems Summit
Promoting Pulses at the UN Food Systems Summit
Promoting Pulses at the UN Food Systems Summit
Promoting Pulses at the UN Food Systems Summit

As Global Pulse Confederation members, we have been very proud of our past accomplishments. The year 2016 marked a major success with the United Nation’s declaration of the International Year of Pulses.  World Pulses Day followed shortly after, which we celebrate each year on February 10th. But we can’t rest on our laurels, the job of promoting pulses is ongoing.  We need to continue our work; we must create greater awareness of the benefits that pulses bring to society, the economy and the environment so that both pulse consumption and production continue to grow. 

2021 is a key year for our industry as the United Nations hosts a “Food System Summit”. In fact, later this month governments from around the world will be represented in Rome at a Ministerial Pre-Summit on July 27-29. AND The Global Pulse Confederation will be there promoting pulses. 

With less than three weeks before this summit, I want to ask for your immediate help. When your national government goes to Rome, we need to ensure they are ready to talk about pulses and the positive role they play in sustainability and nutrition. Our industry understands how pulses contribute to healthy people and a healthy planet, but we need our governments to champion this throughout the Food System Summit.

GPC has sent out a ‘tool box’ of useful information about pulses, along with a draft letter that you can use under your company name, to communicate with key leaders in your government. 

It’s up to each of us to educate our leaders on how pulses can be part of the food system transformation. Making sure that food remains affordable, knowing that trade plays an integral part in maintaining a stable food supply that’s not subject to dramatic price swings, and that pulses can play an important role to help reduce the environmental cost of putting food on the table for billions of people around the world. 

The time for us to act is now. Governments will be taking actions that will improve both the health of their people and the health of the planet. We need to share our knowledge and our passion for pulses with government and the media. There may be no better time to reach out and help them become better advocates for the pulse industry. 

GPC will continue our work at the global level advocating for pulse production and consumption. We hope to coordinate our efforts with yours, at the national level, like we did during IYP 2016 and World Pulses Day. Because working together, we know we will advance the pulse industry’s interests and truly benefit our world for generations yet to come.


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