Natural Farming Practices for Healthy World!

By Divyesh Patel

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Natural Farming Practices for Healthy World!

Concept of Natural Farming Natural farming is environment friendly and sustainable. It is low cost in production with high productivity/profitability. Chemical farming requires high monetary investment for purchase of key inputs like fertilizers and plant protection chemicals from the market. In natural farming all inputs are used from one’s own farm itself. The system requires a native breed of cattle (desi cow) which in any case forms an integral part of farming families in rural areas. Farmers should use only good quality pure seeds, produced or secured from sources such as their own unique farming practice by following selection method of breeding. Benefits of natural farming:

1. It is a contribution to the environment (Mother Nature)
2. It decreases the cost to farming
3. Increase in productivity and profit
4. Can achieve sustainable agricultural development
5. Can preserve quality of soil, eliminate the toxins of chemical fertilizers and pesticides
6. People will be greatly benefited by the consumption of healthy pure food
7. Longevity of the produce and taste of pulse & grain crops, vegetables, fruits, etc. will be greatly increased
8. Can preserve quality of surface water and groundwater
9. In the absence of pesticide, the butterflies and bees get more attracted to flowers, resulting in more pollination and higher production
10. Liquid manures used in natural farming helps to make available all nutrients from the soil to the plants and Microflora supports improvement in soil fertility

Previous experiences of Chemical farming:

• Chemical farming makes farmers heavily dependent on costly chemical fertilizers and pesticides;
• With increase in use of fertilizers and pesticides cost of farming is excessively increasing day by day;
• Production is not increasing, rather it is declining. Humus content of soil decreases and chemical content increases. Thus soil becomes infertile
• Food grains, vegetables and fruits have pesticide residues affecting health of the people;
• Surface water & ground water is polluted. It is no more safe for human being & animals;
• Agriculture becomes less profitable and more risky profession, where small and marginal farmers are the worst sufferers;
• GMO seeds have brought misery to the farmers

We have invented a unique input liquid in collaboration with farmers, agronomists, academic professionals, & scientists of the world to allow us to go back to ‘natural farming’ in modern timeline of TODAY and we are doing some experiments with some of our best known farmers of America.

(Divyesh Patel is the Founder of Farm U.S Farms to World Market Agriculture based Global Supply Chain Network. Email:

Natural Farming Practices for Healthy World!
Natural Farming Practices for Healthy World!
Natural Farming Practices for Healthy World!


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