GPC Young Professionals to Launch International Exchange Program

A pilot program is in the works for 2020.

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GPC Young Professionals to Launch International Exchange Program

GPCYP member Faisal Anis Majeed of Bombi’s Group gives a presentation on a proposed exchange program before the GPC executive committee in Cologne, Germany this past October.

Back in 2012, then GPC president Hakan Bahceci felt strongly that the pulse industry ought to groom the next generation of business leaders to carry on the organization’s mission. It was this vision that led to the creation of the GPC Young Professionals (GPCYP), a membership group for the industry’s younger set to learn from the accomplished leaders of the day, share knowledge among themselves, and build the lasting business relationships and personal friendships that can bridge oceans and cultures.

On top of that, GPCYP also offers its members the opportunity to make meaningful contributions to the global pulse industry. This past October, at the sidelines of the Anuga Food Show in Cologne, Germany, GPCYP representative Faisal Anis Majeed of Bombi’s Group appeared before the GPC executive committee and presented plans to launch an international pulse industry exchange program next year.

“The program is being designed to provide new entrants to the pulse business with some practical, on-the-ground experience, a sort of crash course on the industry,” explains Faisal. He is one of a trio of young industry professionals leading the effort. The other members of the core committee working on the project are Atheeqe Ansari of Emco International based in Dubai and Tala Mobayen, export manager at the Victoria Pulse Trading Corporation based in British Columbia, Canada.

The end goal is to develop a program open to employees of GPC member companies that is international in scope, with companies from all over the world hosting several GPC exchange program participants over the course of a year. For the pilot, however, the committee plans to limit it to one country (Canada and Dubai are being considered) and to no more than three participants.

“We are still working out the details,” says Tala, speaking about the Canada option. “One idea is for the pilot program to coincide with the Pulses and Special Crops Convention in Whistler next September. That would also be around the time we harvest our pulse crops.”

She envisions a two-week itinerary for participants that includes, in addition to the Special Crops Convention, a couple of days with Pulse Canada to learn about the country’s different growing regions and pulse products, a few days with a major pulse trading company, and possibly a day with the Canadian Grain Commission, the country’s legal and grading body for pulses. Trips to see crops in the fields and a processing plant visit are also on the wish list.

“The industry as a whole has been very receptive to this idea,” says Tala. “A lot of Canadian companies have approached us and said they want to host and sponsor participants.”

Expect word of the pilot exchange program’s official launch at Pulses 2020.

GPC Young Professionals to Launch International Exchange Program

GPCYP member Tala Mobayen, export manager at the Victoria Pulse Trading Corporation. 


Be a Part of the Future

GPCYP membership is open to all GPC members between the ages of 18 and 35. Presently, there are more than 80 GPCYP members from all over the world, each contributing to the furtherance of the global pulse trade’s goals in their respective countries.

For young newcomers to the pulse industry, the GPCYP offers a unique venue to engage with peers and to introduce themselves to current industry leadership from around the globe.

For more information, contact GPCYP via email at


GPC Young Professionals to Launch International Exchange Program
GPC Young Professionals to Launch International Exchange Program

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