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When GPC President
Cindy Brown announced the passing of Paul Lambert on July 20, 2022 to the Board of Directors, the news was met with grief, shock and condolences. From the influx of messages that followed, it was abundantly clear that Paul, who served as GPC President from 2001-2006, was a much-loved figure in the industry and a friend and mentor to many. 

In tribute to the man who influenced the lives of so many in our global pulses community, shared below are some of the thoughts and memories of the Board of Directors following his passing.  

“He was a reference in our industry” said Albert Garcia, “He had passion, determination and a sweet heart. The pulses family will miss you!”

Vijay Iyengar commented: “Paul was one of the pioneers of our industry and one of the earliest leaders of GPC” and Peter Wilson added “The pulse trading stocks in heaven have been bolstered by another giant of our industry.”

“Paul’s passing away is an irreparable void to our industry” said Sudhakar Tomar, who shared a special memory: “Paul Lambert was a legend and a pioneer in the world of agriculture trading. He was a great friend and a stylish mentor to many, including myself. Paul had a big heart and an even bigger sense of humour. He surprised me with a gift of a chilled bottle of the most expensive vintage Dom Perignon available in my hotel on the day of my wedding in Las Vegas in 2001 by placing a room service order while seated in his office!”

Gordon Bacon added “Along with others, I will remember Paul for his passion for the industry's opportunities and challenges.”

President Cindy Brown, a close friend, shared a touching memorial on Paul’s online memorial page: “Paul was a trader! He made many legendary deals that the majority of the pulse industry could only be envious of. He was a strong supporter of GPC-CICILS; his involvement helped guide the confederation to become the organization it is today. I loved him dearly and will always be grateful for his mentorship and support.”

The GPC offers our deepest condolences to Maria Lambert and her family. To share your own memory of Paul Lambert, visit

If you wish to make a donation in his memory, please send it to St Jude’s children hospital ( or the Tunnel to Towers Foundation (