2021 Kharif Urad Overview

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2021 Kharif Urad Overview

On August 27 2021, the IPGA held their Kharif Sowing 2021 Knowledge Series, an online webinar featuring key speakers from India’s pulse industry who gave important insights into the 2021/22 kharif crop. The GPC attended the webinar and is providing full coverage for all members. Find the 2021 Sowing and Acreage outlook here.   

In this session, Mr B Krishna Murthy, Managing Director at Four P International, gave important insights into the urad crop as well as stocks and consumption figures. He cited the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare as his source for most of the numbers.


  • Urad sowing was the same or slightly higher than last year. It is grown in both kharif and rabi but the kharif crop contributes to around two thirds of the total crop size
  • Crop size has been steadily increasing over the past few years to meet domestic demand and number have almost doubled in the past ten years  
  • The government has also been steadily increasing the MSP, which was at 6,300 Rs. per quintal this year


Sowing areas

  • As of August 19, the total area sown was 37.06 lakh hectares, almost the same as the previous year. 
  • Just over a month previously (around July 16), sowing of urad was trailing by a huge 23%, but now it’s been made up
  • MP is leading the sowing with more than 40%, then UP at 18%, Maharashtra and Rajasthan with 11% each and Gujarat at 4%


Stock status: Myanmar

  • Myanmar has a carry-over of approx. 75,000 tons. It produced nearly 4 lakh 25,000 tons this year, making total stock available for exports at 5 lakh tons.
  • Myanmar has no domestic consumption of urad
  • Until August 18, Myanmar had exported 3 lakh 60,000 tons, meaning there are only 1 lakh 40,000 tons left
  • 40,000 tons of those exports come from India alone, meaning there is not much left and Myanmar also exports to other countries such as Dubai, Bangladesh and Pakistan
  • This stock status is considered very low for Myanmar as the harvest is estimated to happen only in February 2022, almost 6 months away 
  • The limit on imports from Myanmar into India was lifted in May and will continue to be open until October 31. India has already imported 2 lakh tonnes in just 3 months


Stock status: India

  • At the beginning of kharif 2020, the carry-over was estimated at 4 lakh tons, held by both the public and private sectors
  • In the crop year 2021/22, India is estimated to have produced 16 lakh tones during kharif and 7 lakh 50,000 tons in rabi, making for an estimated total of 23 lakh 50,000 tons
  •  This means total stock available for consumption will be approx. 30 lakh 50,000 tons, taking into account the estimated imports from Myanmar.
  • It is estimated that India is carrying 3 lakh 70,000 tonnes held by both public and private players. 



  • During the last crop year, the consumption figure was 26 lakh 75,000 tons, around 2 lakh 20,000 tons per month
  • The questions stands as to is there enough stocks for the crop year 2021/22 bearing in mind reports of standing crops being infested with disease in one of the major producing centres in MP
  • This year, sowing was good at 37 lakh hectares. Monsoon has been average and so we should be harvesting a good crop in the kharif season
  • However, the weather may change towards the end of the monsoon season, which could cause a threat to standing crops and cause prices to spike
  • Urad is currently being sold at 7700 Rs per quintal, which is almost the same as last year 
  • Prices may go up as crops at hand are not plentiful but if the weather is good, things should be fine
2021 Kharif Urad Overview
2021 Kharif Urad Overview
2021 Kharif Urad Overview

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