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The Global Pulse Confederation presents the second series of its ‘Ask The Experts Webinar Series’: The Global Red Lentil Outlook session, featuring an all-star panel led by StatPub analyst Brian Clancey and moderator Sudhakar Tomar from Hakan Agro (UAE). Speakers include:
- Fethi Sonmez (Armada Foods, Turkey)
- Hadi Doni (Doni and Company, Pakistan) 
- Kintal Islamov (JSC Atamaken-Agro)
- David Hanna (GFI Canada)
- Pawan Mundada (ETG India)
The presentation by StatPub analyst Brian Clancey is available here.
The presentation by Sudhakar Tomar from Hakan Agro is available here.
The production estimates by Brian Clancey are available here.

6:21 Red lentil outlook by SatPub’s Brian Clancey

24:50 How is the demand in India for whole red lentils?

26:34 What factors could cause a collapse in demand after December?

28:33 How much of the current red lentil crop is left in Australia?

30:16 Do you think there will be any late interest from North American growers to increase red lentil plantings?

31:11 Can India reduce the import duty on lentils or NAFED would import directly from Canada to maintain the buffer stock?

32:16 Do you think demand will slow down after Covid-19?

33:29 How do you see production in Eastern Europe?

35:26 This is an observation more than a question: India would continue to import lentils being the only pulse with no quantitative restriction and economically viable. Agree?

36:31 Has the local demand for red lentils increased in Canada and Australia due to Covid-19?

41:32 What is the expectation for red lentil seeding and production in the Black Sea region?

42:46 We are seeing panic buying in all destinations, supply chain challenges but similar demand in importing countries. There should be a price drop very soon. Agree or disagree?

45:02 Will the late plantings in Kazakhstan result in lower yields?

45:47 NAFED is sitting in a huge stock of pulses and purchases are at full swing. Will this put a pressure in imports and local prices?

48:20 How is the split red lentil price in Turkey, Dubai and Egypt. Can you please comment on the situation in Ethiopia.

51:00 Do you agree that production in Turkey could be close to 400,000 MT?

51:40 What about imports and exports in Turkey?

53:18 Pawan, do you agree with Brian Clancey’s numbers?

54:34 NAFED Additional Managing Director Sunil Kumar Singh joins the webinar and provides official estimates for production in India.

56:32 Last week’s seminar mentioned reduced supply of containers. What impact might this have in markets importing red lentils?

1:00:22 In Canada, prices rallied by more then 33 cents per pound at the farmer level. Don’t you think area could hit 2,900,000 acres?

1:03:04 What are the current demand patterns in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka?

1:06:29 Do you think India will sign a phytosanitary agreement with CIS countries?

1:07:10 Can you give us an overview of red lentil production in the Black Sea region?

1:09:57 Is there a concern about seed availability in Canada and Australia?

1:10:25 Update on Australia’s red lentil area and production.

1:11:04 Update on demand in Bangladesh.

1:12:23 Sudhakar Tomar’s one thousand dollar question: What is your price prediction for new crop Crimson #2 for September/October shipment CIF India?




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