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value-added Adding Value to Pulses

Adding Value to Pulses

Whether its pulse ingredients, alt meat and alt dairy, or pulse-based snacks, our industry’s value-added segment is on fire. Last year saw explosive growth in plant-protein food products and, as new companies emerge in key markets, the upward trend is bound to continue.

GPC’s Ask the Experts Value Added webinar will explore what this all means for the global pulse industry. What is shifting in the market and creating new demand? What are the prevailing  views on plant versus animal protein, and on blending? And how might this change the pulse crops we grow at the variety level?

Join moderator Gordon Bacon, CEO of Pulse Canada, as he and a distinguished panel tackle these and other questions:

• Alexandra Londoño, global head of pulses and local grains business segment for Bühler
• Sarah Wallace, CEO of The Good Bean
• Abhishek Sinha, co-founder and CEO of GoodDot
• Derrick Quandt, Director of Strategic Sourcing for Banza
• Vishal Vijay, head of business development for Agrocorp International 
• Julianne Curran, Vice President of Market Innovation at Pulse Canada


Adding Value to Pulses
Adding Value to Pulses
Adding Value to Pulses

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